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2020 was a year...

 Yes, 2020 is a year that will be in history for a very long time.  So much happened and so many things changed.  For some this was a devastating year, or should I say, for most.  For me as I was on staff at a non-profit organization, my quarantine time was 6+ weeks of no pay but it was not a time to be bored.   In 2020 I started to practice my drawing of which I am not that great at.  I took a 100 page blank journal and drew every morning prior to work and every evening when I got home.  I would pull up Google images and try to draw them and I would practice by watching TV.  My idea is if I could get the dimensions and expressions down drawing faces, then dimensions would not be so hard on other subjects.  When I would get tired of the learning process, I would go back to practicing on flowers.  To my surprise, both subjects were getting better and better.  100 pages in 40 days and at that point, I started to illustrate flowers on 8.5 x 11 " card stock with a fine felt pen.  By t

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