Our Un-Churched youth:SAD. Thank you Lord for your truth.

  To actually say, "Un-churched youth" is such a strange thing for me.

As a young person I grew up in church.  I did not enjoy much of it, but I was in church every Sunday with my mom.  And now, I find my heart heavy that there are 30 something parents that do not feel like it is important to have their kids in church.

I once said to a 30 something gal as she was crying about how misbehaved her children were and being close to this gal, I said, "Well, it makes sense, they do not have a fear of God".  Her reply was, "they know God",  "No" I said, "they know of God but they do not know God"

I looked around church this morning and it seems to be the normal now is that the Grandma's are taking the Grand-kids to church, and not the parent.  Thank you Lord for the love of a Grandparent, but sadly to the mom's and dad's who do not find it import to show their children a relationship with Jesus.
Grandpa's who care

Just this week I was speaking to a 60 something fella who said his parents dropped him off at church and someone at church would bring him home.  Although, he would have rather have had his parents with him he did say he was thankful that his mom would drop he and is brothers off on Sunday morning.  He said it created an impact.

I had another friend in his late 60's who spoke very fondly of his God loving Grandmother of which he did not have at home.  He encouraged me to be that Grandma that makes an impact on the grand-kids that do not know the Lord.  Personally, I would like to make an impact on all my grand-kids, I do have to trust the Lord with that being I only live near 3 kiddos right now.  I am rather proud of my two oldest kids who have continued to keep their kids in the church loop.

For me, having grown up in the church, when I was of the age of rebellion (19, a late bloomer), I did stop going and spent the next several years doing whatever I wanted which had nothing to do with the Lord.  And yet, all along I knew I was not where I was suppose to be.  Yes, I did come back to the Lord and the church some 40+ years ago.   I was raised in the church.  Good or bad or indifferent, this is important with all the craziness to give your kids a foundation they can count on.

It is Important!  Here is what Billy Graham had to say  https://billygraham.org/decision-magazine/september-2004/church-for-unchurched-kids/