Are you Patiently Waiting? 

Often, all we do is wait.  We wait for the right timing.  We wait for the right environment.  We wait till we are old enough and then we end up thinking we are too old while waiting.  

Sunset in Donnelly Idaho
As a 60 something gal, there are times I have waited.  And now as I am not waiting, not having to find a career, or focusing on raising kiddos, I am not waiting.  In fact, sometimes I am moving at warp speed.  Are you ever too old?  I think not.  Or maybe I can say that in fact you can be too old if you think you are.  Fortunate for me, I come from a long line of people(ladies) who never felt too old.  

We all have been given a Gift and I would say that you should not "wait" to explore and use your gift.  
Do you have a gift for writing? Write!  
Do you have a gift serving others?  Serve!  
Do you have a gift of creativity?  Create!

Your Gift is not my Gift, but we all have been given God inspired Gifts.  For me, it is my Creative Abilities.  I think I was 5 when my Great grandmother taught me to embroider.  I learned to knit and to crochet when I was young but currently I pretty much stay to Free Form Crochet being it does not require a pattern.  I started designing and making my own clothes at 12 and did the same for my mom and sister.   Sewing has always been a mainstay in my creative endeavors again without a pattern.  I actually love designing and creating out side the box.  In the 80's, I created a line of hand painted one of a kind resort wear.  The interesting thing was that I painted with an eyedropper and still do.  This was one of those gifts that you know came as a gift from God.  I was not a painter, did not know how use the tools and just stumbled into painting on fabric.  That was a mixture of my design and sewing abilities combined with this unique style of painting.  To this day I still paint on fabric and it has proven to be a timeless technique.  

Hand Painted Cotton
So, here we come into  time, 2020.  With the world turned upside down and fear instilled in the hearts and minds of many, I started drawing.  My experiment with drawing was...if I draw everyday I should improve.  40 days and 100 pages I did improve in fact I created several coloring books that can be found on Amazon from my drawings.  In 2021 I again jumped into an area that was not comfortable for me, Watercolor painting and using brushes.  Again, the more I  did the more I improved to the point of being a Featured Artist in a local Art Gallery.   I have now transitioned those painted images into a full line of online printed items.  Please visit my website at 

Framed art ready for Gallery Show
A collection created from Original Art
I have had the opportunity to learn new things on a regular basis.  I have been a website designer, landscape designer, fashion designer, restaurateur, and even the publisher of a Builders magazine.  I grew up in California, have lived in Nevada, Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington and currently Idaho.  I believe the Lord has given me a heart for adventure and living an "outside the box" mentality.  I love adventure and exploring.  

As I previously stated, there is no reason to "wait" to explore your gifts.  
I find new gifts on a regular basis and so can you.  Is is never too late?  

It is never too late.