I'm re-visiting the 80's


I am sitting at my desk with a wonderful view of the ocean contemplating what my next move is.  I have relaunched my hand-painted T's and plotting how to get them out  there. 

Marketing has changed a bit but the old ways still hold true, word of mouth and face to face sales. 

When I think about the online dynamic, yes there are billions on line with Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Pinterest, Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist....well you get the picture.  We see a flood of images everyday so how does my product rise to the top?  WORD OF MOUTH and FACE TO FACE. 

I do market on these social media platforms but I also know that my product can be an emotional buy.  A woman (or significant other) sees them, feels something and buys.  This has been my marketing model for a very long time.  I sold these hand painted t shirts 30 years ago, my style has evolved and they are fresh to the new person and a wonderful memory to those who bought 30 years ago. 

The flower I paint is the Hula Lani Pua: the dancing heavenly flower.

And the Hula Ka Pua: the dancing flower.   Yes, for years I have been asked, "what flower is this? "  I now have an answer, it is either the Hula Lani Pua or the Hula Ka Pua.

Which Social Media platform are you interested in and where would you go to purchase a product like mine; All original hand painted. 

I look forward to your suggestions...