I asked the question: What is a Strong Woman?

Yes, I put that question out on my Facebook page and I got about a dozen responses.  I actually put that question out there because I am frustrated with what the media is making out to be a strong woman.  I am sure that according to the World, a strong woman will not fit into my findings, such as kindness and gentleness.  

So here is the list of my Facebook responses:
Independent,   Courageous,   Kind,   Tenacious,   Self-Reliant,  Intuitive,   Humble,  Driven,   Devoted to God,  Empowered,  Preserving, Determined and Alone.  
Thank you ladies for your input.  

When I think about what a strong woman looks like I think a strong woman would rejoice in hope, perseveres in trials,  and is devoted in prayer.  Ro 12:12

Also, I think of a strong woman as one who is kind, humble, gentle and patient.  Col 3:12

And of course she loves the Lord with her whole heart, soul and might.  Deut 8:6

When we devote our lives to the Lord, we weigh our words, thoughts and actions.  Being devoted is not a life of restriction, but a life filled with LIFE.  I life that is not perfect but always with a desire to please God.  

When I was young, I did those things that are not pleasing to God, but as I came into relationship with the Lord, my desire was to walk and talk with the Lord and recognize and accept his love for me.  There was a time I just didn't understand my place in the things of God and as I asked Him to show me how HE saw me, His response was, "I delight in you, you make me laugh and I gave you a mouth so use it"  My problem was that I did not fit the Standard American Church image of a Woman.  I truly needed to hear from the Lord and that word from God gave me freedom.   Without that Revelation, who are we?

I am not perfect, but my goal is to live my life with a devotion to the Lord and others.  I want to hear in my last days, "Job Well done, good and faithful servant"  with a giggle from the Lord.

SO I ask you, What is a Strong Woman?