Everything that was Old is New again!

 This saying, "Everything that was Old is New again" was a saying an artist friend of mine use to say back in the 80's.  I believe that to be true.

In the early 80's I fell into  painting on fabric. With my sewing and design background I created an line of all original resort wear.  I created the patterns, cut, painted and sewed them up.  I then went out and sold them.  I got so busy at one point I had 5 home seamstresses and 3 sales reps with one gal helping in the office while I stayed busy cutting and painted. 

I love what I did even tho it was difficult and challenging but another saying, "If you do what you love you will never work another day".  For me, that was true.  I loved what I did and I did it 24/7 12-15 hours a day. 

This is NOT mine.. This was the trend in the late 80's
Towards the end of the 80's the glitzy revolution hit and my simple pretty paintings were taking a back seat to that.....  I just was not going there.

I decided that my 10 years had run out and I went on to work a real job. 

Over the years to follow I did paint t shirts for fun, for gifts, for random craft fairs but never got back into it seriously, until now, that is. 

As I look around I realize that the timing might just be right to bring back my style of painting.  I love painting these T's and I know that those who purchase them enjoy them. 

Over the years I thing I have painted in the 1000's of these T's.  It has been fun to hear the great comments from my friends who had one of my T's and are again purchasing. 

So, when I use the phrase, "Everything that was old is new again", it is the truth in relationship to my All Original Hand Painted T's.

I hope you follow and enjoy this journey of mine.  Lets see how it goes.


This was and still is my logo for my hand-painted fashion.  I remember where and when I created this logo.  It is now more than 35 years old... YIKES!  Could it really be that long ago...I guess the answer is YES!  I was not yet 30 yrs old.  I am now 65.  REALLY?  Could that be true?

Never say never and it is NEVER too LATE!