Hobby or Business

Just the other day I was chatting with a couple gals about what I am doing.. There comment was, "wow! you are busy". My answer, "Well, this is NOT a Hobby, this is a business".
Being one that will never be able to retire, I have been in search of a job I could enjoy and make a living at. If you know me, you know I have jumped around a lot looking for that job that I can have fun at and still enjoy my life. I was laid off for 2 weeks the beginning of June and during that time I decided to hit the streets running.

During that time I got into 3 Farmers markets, 4 retail locations. By the end of the 2 weeks I did not have time to go back to work. I was off and running doing my own thing.

Strangely, I did not start painted Tee's again to be full time at it but as I thought about it, considered the hard work it takes, I decided I would rather work hard for me and not for someone else.

I have re-engaged at painting and I have had fun doing it. Everything that is old is new again is so true. I have had a great reception and my Tee's have sold. Yes, they are supporting me...This is NOT a Hobby.

Starting the business up again at the beginning of June and having it be self supporting is a true Blessing. I do that the Lord for guiding me in this venture.

I have been methodical at the re-start of my business. I am asked often, "Can you paint this or can you paint that?" My answer is "NO, this is what I do."

I know I am one dimensional but I love the dimension I am working in. Like anything you do for a period of time, you evolve and you get better and I see that happening with my work. There will be a day I take on something other than fabric but for now, I am happy playing with colors and making a living doing that.


Coming Soon is my Creative Line of one of a kind Jackets. This too is bring back what was old and making it new again. This picture was taking in my one bedroom apt in Carlsbad CA. My apartment became a workshop for about a year. It was such a bad economy that I could not make a living off of the jackets. Now? It looks like perfect timing to relaunch this as well. I am currently searching for some wonderful fabrics.

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