Today's language, JUST SO SAD!

The subject of profane language is something that baffles me.  For example, I was in a cafe the other day, started chatting with a couple of the locals, 2 young men, one a fisherman the other in construction.  We were laughing and having a nice time chatting about the area.  And then, the F bomb started to fly by the one in construction. I can hear you, "what do you expect, he is in construction" or "what do you expect, he is a fisherman". 

When I speck to someone that is the age of my kids, I would expect to be treated with some respect and yet I am sure it is not a thought due to our current culture. 

I have had that experience as well with a man who wanted to take me out.  Really?  Yes, I was asked out by a fella that was older than me, educated and a professional.  When he asked me out my reply was, "You are a very nice guy, but I can not handle your language."  Yes, he was shocked!

Oh Lord, why oh why as hour society fallen so far as to not realizing what being respectful is?  Men, women and children are using such profane language.  
It is just so sad.