....Cancer Free 37 Years... Still shocking after all these years...

I must say, I just created the below graphic and as I posted it on Facebook and read it over and over again...It still seems so strange to me... 37 years cancer free!!! And I must say, I never expected to deal with cancer again... 60 years old...Healthy....Active...Loving Life and Living!!!
Every one is looking for a cure for Cancer...  HELLO PEOPLE!!!  A healthy Immune System is the best start to stopping cancer..

What I know now is so much different than what I knew then... I know why I got cancer, I know the root to my cancer... I have made a point at staying healthy...this is no accident!  I have been very conscious of what I eat, the vitamins I take, staying active and implementing stress relievers...such as being on the beach to observe the beautiful sunsets...nearly every day.  When I lived on the Mississippi, when I lived in the desert..where ever I lived I have made this point..enjoy the beauties of nature...That is my stress reliever...
For some...SHOPPING!!! that only gives me anxiety!!! But, you do have to do what works for you!

So back to this cancer thing...at 23, it was a shock!!!  Two major surgeries, a year of treatment and then a 3 year process of recovery... Every year my birthday is the marker for this, being my birthday was just a week or so prior to the diagnosis...  I remember the day they said "You are cancer FREE!!!" just like yesterday... That was a very good day!!!  Turning 60 the end of August is another very good day... "Thank you Lord" that I am here to type my thoughts... I encourage you to do the same.

Life is not easy but that is part of living.  
My goal....LIVE! LOVE!!! ENJOY!!! BREATHE!!! and LAUGH!!!