It is hard to eat a health diet if you cannot afford to buy healthy food.....

I just had a conversation about how expensive it is to eat a healthy diet and how 
Americans cannot afford a healthy diet...
The conversation I had was with someone who believes that... Well...I do not! 

First....lets get DIET out of the conversation and 
replace it with LIFESTYLE. 

When it is a LIFESTYLE it is much more accepting and not as daunting...
A Healthy LIFESTYLE is what we should focus on.
A Healthy LIFESTYLE...Lets all get on that boat.

You can Fuel your family with non-processed, non-boxed, non-$1.00 Value meals..
The important thing to embrace is what you put in your mouth today for it will show tomorrow..
Lets not ruin our health or the health of of children but rather embrace  a  
  Clean food, Exercise, and Plenty of Sleep.