Remembering My Dad

As I sit and reflect while holding a hand crafted buckle in my hands crafted by my dad...running up and down the lines of the stones, I think: "Wow, dad is right here!"

As I think about my dad, I could honestly say, "He was not perfect" in fact there were many years in the middle of my life I did not have a relationship with my dad nor did I want one.  Thankfully, the Lord got ahold of my heart and gave such a sweet love for my dad.  The last 20+ years my dad and I had many fun, funny, lovely moments.

My dad was a very creative guy.  He actually won a photo contest at his high school, Palm Springs High.  He remembered that photo as though it was yesterday..  I actually understand that.

My dad and his wife, Francis of 35 yrs
My dad was a cowboy and met my mom when he was in the rodeo.  He was one handsome man and I can understand why my mom was so smitten with him.  My dad did not grow old as that handsome young guy but he certainly had a sparkle in his eyes.  His life was hard and not what he was hoping for but what I loved about my dad is that he 'owned' it.. He always 'owned' his life.

Do I miss my dad... Oh very much so.  But I must say, to have his talents that I can touch, and feel, it is  like I can feel his hands as I rub my fingers across the surface of this belt buckle he made.  I wear a ring he made when I was 18.  I love it and wear it with the pride of a daughter.

Yes, my dad was one talented guy.  Up until his death this past Aug, he was still trying to figure out what he should do next. 

My dad spent most of his life as a professional plumber with an outstanding reputation.  He decided in his 40's to make jewelry.  He decided.... and he did.  He worked trade shows, powwows, and gem shows for many years up until he lost his wife about 15 years before he passed. 

He was also a remarkably outstanding leather tooler(carver).  He was very artsy, a free spirit and definitely an old cowboy.  My dad was part Cherokee and embraced those native roots with his jewelry.  One talented guy.

I love holding his talent in my hands... Thanks dad for passing some of your talent to me.