Oh Lord! I am at it again! "What are you thinking?"

Sometimes I ask myself... "What are you thinking?"  Well, actually, I might ask myself that question often which is more than 'sometimes'. 

But I do have to say, I am enjoying the process as I am looking forward to completing my license.  My recall is not bad at all but those formulas are still a struggle.  As a kid, I had issues with formulas as well as I say, "I know I can, I know I can, I know I can."  and believe me, I will.

I hear so often that as you get older you just can't accomplish what you use to.  I have to beg to differ.    Realizing that I will never be able to retire(yes, poor planning) I have devised a retirement plan that includes working at my will and not at the will of an employer. 

Real Estate in the my area is mellow and I am not looking to be a Real Estate Super Star but I am looking to supplement my income with something that gives me some freedom with some cash flow.  This happens to be just one of what I have working right now. 

I love having the freedom to work my own schedule, to come and go as I please and work hard when it calls for it and have fun with fun calls for it.  I am excited to get going on all this.

So, this mid age gal is studying Real Estate and getting ready to take her test.  Never say never, and you are only as old as you thing you are.  Me?  I am in denial.

Yep!  I am at it again!