It warms my heart... Save our Oceans movement.

I ask you:  "What does this picture remind you of?"  
These are my Grandsons and this picture reminds me of
The Adventures of Huck Finn.
These boys along with their mom and baby sis moved to Ocean Park/Surfside with me in October 2017. They have become quite the beachcombers and what they do is they comb the beach for trash.  Yup! It is a family affair and my family is passionate about keeping our beach clean.  
We can drive on our beaches in Southern Washington,  its called a Highway.  On this particular day, Crystal was out along the beach and to avoid hitting a dog, she got stuck in the sand.

No worries, there is always someone to help due to this small,  tight community and she was out shortly.   This area is referred to as a Rural Village; I like the sound of that, RURAL VILLAGE.

What Crystal and the boys do (while the baby is sound asleep in her car seat): as Crystal drives the beach, the boys run along side the car picking up trash and then throwing it into the back of the car.  They Love it!  My little Beach Combers.

Many of  the locals really care about their beach as there are others that go out to rid our beautiful beach of its trash as well. Crystal and kids are just a sampling of the care and concern for keeping our beach clean with the desire to saving our ocean. 

Much of what is on the beach has washed up but there is a fare amount that has been left by visiting pigs.

Yes, pigs.  Why would anyone leave trash on a beach, a park, a national or state park...Why!

Crystals intention is to teach her kids something 
 different and that is to be responsible.

 Save OUR Oceans is an grass roots movement right here in Ocean Park where Crystal wants to pull together other young moms to become similar Beachcombers.

 This is important for our children today and the children of tomorrow.  The Pacific North West is a beautiful area and we are working at keeping it that way, one plastic bottle at a time.

I love what these kiddos are learning and how passionate my daughter is about being on the beach and creating a venue for her kids to respect the environment.  Crystal wants to connect with other  moms in the area and their kids cultivating a sense of respect and responsibility.   This is what we learned as kids and now my kids kids are learning this too.

They are very cute about it.. They love going out on the beach an picking up trash in fact the 7 yr old says, "MOM! CAN WE GO OUT ON THE BEACH AND PICK UP TRASH TODAY!   Could that be any more adorable.  We must raise our kids up right.. My daughter is doing it.  How bout you!
Meet Willie, Nathaniel and Baby Bella(Penelope). 

Please feel free to also wonder you neck of the woods or coast and pick up trash.  Better yet, lets stop leaving trash.  Lets teach to be responsible.  Lets have some fun and enjoy a clean beach.