The best kind of memories...FREE!

Memories that are FREE!

Willie (14), Nathaniel (7) Bella (5mo in car)

Momma got stuck in the sand, no worries!  Always a kind person to help.

 Just a few months ago I moved to the Northern tip of the Long Beach Peninsula in SW Washington.  My daughter had been living in Idaho with her 3 kiddos but decided to also move to the same area where I moved.  I am thrilled to have a 14  and 7 year old grandsons and a 5 month old Granddaughter with me until they find their own home...  To wake up every morning with her smiley face is a delight for me and to have these two fine boys here as well is so much fun. Soon they will find their own place but the fun will continue.

Just last night I was talking to my daughter about what wonderful memories she is making with the kids.  I explained to her how much better these memories are than a big expensive party and most likely if you put a party up next to the family time they spend everyday on the beach, the family time will be what they will remember.  They are having a great time, doing a public service and having a blast!
Willie, Nathaniel, Bella(Penelope)

What are they doing did you ask?  Okay, here is the fun part;  they are picking up trash!  Yes, that is right, THEY ARE PICKING UP TRASH ALONG THE BEACH AS A FAMILY.  The 7 year old, Nathaniel, is always ready to run along the beach and pick up trash and throwing it in the back of the car.  This has been so much fun for the whole family..even the Momma.     This is a family event and they love it!

Below is the trash they picked up just yesterday after the storms.  So tell me, how could there be so much trash along the beach?  Some of it washed up from other places.  The question is shouting, "Who in the world would litter in such a way.?"  That question needs to be answered and coprrected.   We need people to love our beautiful beaches and not trash them but thank God my family is passionate about keeping our beaches clean.  

Picking up trash is a community event.  I just met a local man who takes his ride along lawnmower along and picks up trash.  He is a wealth of information on the local trash.   I love the locals.

What are your memories?