Thanksgiving: Thankful or Lonely?

Thanksgiving can be one of t
he most difficult  and lonely times of the year with the exception of Christmas. 

I know for so many, the Holiday season can be very difficult.  There are so many reasons why and they are different for each and every person.  This year I missed calling and chatting with my dad on Thanksgiving being at 88 yrs old, he passed away this past summer.   He was always entertaining, encouraging and caring.  I missed calling him.

My first memory of a very difficult Thanksgiving was when I was first separated, kids grown living in other states and knowing I was all alone.  That year I resolved to not get depressed, not be sad although very tough and to enjoy my day.  How did I do that?  I cooked myself a really good dinner, set the table and sat down to feast with with delightful pleasure.  

That has been my practice on those years I was alone.  There have been times I have been invited to others homes for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  The only invite I accept was from a family I adored.  Little did I know the grandma was a 101 question gal and after that few hours of having to talk about myself, I opted out of joining any family again.   A WORD OF ADVISE: Do not over do it on the questions to those you invite over... Just let them enjoy your family and feast.

For me, going through a divorce in 2008, I have found myself alone on many a holiday.  On my Facebook memory feed, I found this post from 2011:

'For many,  Thanksgiving is a blessing. For others, it is difficult to dig up what they are thankful for... Life is difficult. Planet Earth is a foreign place.  Those of us destined for Heaven understand that.  As I read everyone's posting,  I can feel lonely for my children and their children... or,  I can be thankful they are in my life at all.  I will choose to be thankful they are in my life...

Divorce is a tragedy It alters realities, It forever changes lives.   I know mine is altered and changed due to divorce...But, thank the Lord...I have the Holy Spirit to comfort me in these time of loneliness... 

My greatest pleasure is the smile on my grand kids faces and the pride in my children's faces as they watch the talents of their own children. 

Being separated at Thanksgiving is difficult as I try not to sit in that place of loneliness: Thank you Lord!  Thank you Lord for your gift of Cheri, Crystal and David...and all their offspring that have blessed the world... Absolutely beautiful children and I love them all.

I am Thankful for YOU...who is reading this posting...that means you care about me... Priceless!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone... May the Lord bless you!'

 This post reminded of those lonely times.  This year, not lonely.  This year, no drama.  This year, fun and joy.  I spent it with my daughter and her 3 kiddos.  It was delightful and I loved it. 

Having grown adult children raising children as I do not like to intrude.  I am fortunate that my daughter Crystal values the time she spends with me and her kids.   

I cooked breakfast for the boys, dinner for the family, did a few art projects and we played at the beach which is just blocks from my house.  

These kids are my heartbeat.  They are such good kids(with their moments) but great kiddos.  Willie is almost 14 and a very good big brother to Nathaniel 7 and Bella 5 months.   Nathaniel is learning what ii is to be a big brother to Bella, he is 7.  It might take a little while. 

This year I feel so blessed.  I live in a nice house, family is near and I love where I live.  Christmas is around the corner and I know this will be a good one with the kids here.  Next year?  Who knows.  But for me right now, I feel blessed. 

I have had some difficult holidays, but I have always made the best of them.