Pinterest, small beginnings to Boom!

Several years ago, a good friend suggested I try this new site, Pinterest.  At the time I was just too busy to spend too much time there although I did put up several boards.  I must say, I do get the feeds in my email that show who tagged a post.  To my surprise, I have had 1000's of tags on a post I made when I was doing Landscape design.  This is just one of the many images I shared for Drought style landscape in Southern Calif.  
More than 4000 tags

Pinterest has become a force to deal with.

  • I have used it as a "Dream Board" instead of cutting out images and gluing them to a board.
  • I have used it as a "Design Board" to share with clients suggesting design styles.  

On my boards you will find two such boards, maybe 3.

If you have yet to use Pinterest, I think I could honestly say, time to start.