I love living here..Surfside WA

Surfside Wa... the best keep secret.

I've lived in Surfside Wa for just over a month.  It is an hour from civilization which is part of the charm.  My little town has just about 1500 full time residence.
Years ago i lived in Joshua Tree with a similar population and strangly, this area remind me of Joshua Tree but with an ocean.  I always loved Joshua Tree all but no ocean.

I've lived in 3 other cities on the Oregon coast...and did not ever entertain the idea of living in Washington but I am glad I am.
Im renting a great mid size A frame house with full views of the ocean.  Until my daughter and 3 kiddos find their own place, they are staying with me.  Its a whole bunch of fun.
I love small towns.  I love a small population and always have.  My heart is Grateful for Gods Faithfulness and filled with Joy.  I pray this is my landing with a bunch of visitors and adventure.