How do you build followers?

Can you Answer the Question?

How do I get followers?
That is the BIG question many of us have.  I have done a bunch of reading, I have updated my Social Media avenues, even Twitter.  I am on a mission building readable content, listening and reading about "how to".  

I have read that if you post something every day for a year or two, THEY WILL COME!  So my friends, I am attempting to post every day.  Today, as I am sitting at work with some down time doing my work and thinking about blogging.  I am taking a moment out of my time to submit 'something', but it is not just 'something', it is a real question.  I want to build my following to broaden my base and work on my own instead of clocking into a JOB.

So, my friends, any suggestions?    Here is one blogger I follow as he is very successful and a good friend refereed me to him.  Thanks Michele I have enjoyed to referral...

Lets share, encourage and help each other improve their base, whatever that might be as I am continually looking to pick up followers. 

Please check out my new blog, Small Town Travel Geek.  I am excited to see where it takes me as well as posting some of my travel photos for sale.

I am continuing to build.