WoW! This year has certainly flown by....

It is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that it is Mid Oct. 2017...How could this be?

One year ago this month I was working for a friend at the Arizona State Fair...not a great fair to work but certainly an experience and I got to hang out with my Gal Pal, Jill.  From Arizona I landed in Utah for most of the winter in Park City working on Main St. I have always thought it would be fun to work on Historic Main St, but not! Too crowded, too snowy and too cold when traveling by car without heat.. Yup, no heat and no air.

In February 2017 I was offered a position in Cannon Beach at the Conference Center.  I was hired as the Assistant Dining Room Supervisor but quickly transitioned into the Dining Room Supervisor.  I ran 3 dining rooms in winter and one big dining room in summer with a great group of young people that were my wait staff that I adored.  My experience at the Conference center was wonderful due to the staff and the guests.  I made such great friends there and will stay in contact, hopefully, for a life time.  The time for me to move on from there had come just last month and saying good bye was certainly bitter sweet..

Just a few of the outstanding...Servants of the Lord!

In moving on, I would lose my housing and along with my job.  At the coast in the Pacific NW, there is no shortage of jobs, just a huge shortage of housing.  Having given a 30 day notice, I started my search for a house and a job.  This is one of those: the horse before the cart or the cart before the horse.  Well, thankfully for me, even though it was the cart  before the horse; meaning I got the house before the job, I got the job just a few weeks later.  So I am happy to say, I am living in a house with the sights and sounds of the Pacific Ocean.  My house is 3 blocks from my job.  Thank you Lord!

I must say, when you decide to leave a position that you know was set up for you by the Lord
.and then finding a home and a job all within a few blocks from each other is truly a blessing from God. I guess you can say...another set up by the Lord.

I am working at WorldMark again but this time as a marketer/concierge which just goes to show you, don't burn bridges.  I continued relationships with the recruiter and the HR director over the past year and when I made the phone call I was set up with an interview and an endorsement.  WorldMark is the only employer on this north end of the Peninsula.
I am glad to be back at  WorldMark  working at a small property, Surfside Inn.  The other really cool thing about this job is that I work very independent which seems to be the reason they hired "me", they knew I could work independent.  I love that!

Settling down on the Long Beach Peninsula on the North end in Surfside, I feel very blessed.  The outstanding thing is Crystal and the Kids are settling down here too.  I get to see those kiddos nearly everyday and I love it!!!  We are in a small town with a sense of community...just what I was looking for.

View from my bedroom loft.                                                                   The local wildlife

This is our playground a few blocks from home.

Our Front Yard
My Walking Observation today is this: 
You never know where your journey will lead you... 
I have been traveling and on the move for nearly 3 years.  I have an assortment experiences all the while believing in the Lords leading.  I have driven almost 40k miles this past year and an half  in an old '98 Mercedes which had two things going for got excellent gas mileage and it kept moving forward...(Finally, this past spring it did give up the ghost and I bought a newer car with all the fun things like: heat, air, radio, auto windows, auto lock,  excellent gas mileage.)  I have had high moments and challenging moments but all moments were ordained by God.  I have loved all of it even in the trying times.   As it is often  said on the NW coast, if you don't like the weather now, give it a minute and it will change. That is how life is as well...give it a moment and it will change and it does.  My prayer is that I am home...

Change is Good! and so is God!