Im looking for a Tribe... Part 1

Yes, I am looking for my Tribe, a community.  I have always said that I am looking for my Tribe when it comes to a group of friends, friends that I can count on and  can count on me.  I have often used that phrase when I am in search of a new church.   I am looking for a Tribe.

Many years ago I was part of a Tribe.  Those of us in that Tribe now miss our time together, we have all gone in different directions thankfully with  Social Media the contact is still there.  I get to watch some of them as they travel, rejoice in their highs and pray during their lows,  watch their kids have kids,  be empathetic as aging parents pass, and  wrap arms those who loose their spouse too young..  All of this is part of my Tribe and all are still so dear to my heart.   This Tribe was formed at the Palm Desert Vineyard Christian Fellowship.  We were and are a Tribe-just no longer living close to one another.

I lived in Carlsbad for the past 10+ years.  I decided 2 years ago to move out of California due to not having  "community", in other words: a "tribe".   People knew my name, we had coffee together, listened to music together and would cross paths often while enjoying the beauty of the area but the connections I longed for was not there.  In fact, I moved nearly 2 years ago and only a couple people have stayed in contact with me.. I would have liked a Tribe in Carlsbad, sadly I did not.

I am still looking to find my "community", my "tribe" moving to the Pacific Northwest.  I have not yet found it but getting closer.  I  first moved to Newport, Oregon.  Such a beautiful place but not a place to develop a "tribe", they were not my people.  From there I moved to Seaside, Oregon.  Seaside was somewhere I could settle and possibly create a tribe but due to loosing a job and a place to live all in the same week and being housing is impossible on the Oregon Coast especially in the Fall, I move to Heber City, Utah and worked for the winter season in Park City, UT.  I was exploring the possibilities of living near my mom and brother who lived down in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. For most, I would imagine, family is your tribe but for me, family is not my tribe but they are my family and I love them.  It was a good experiment that settled it, I do not belong in Utah and will not be settling down there. When the opportunity came to move back to Oregon and be the Dining Room Supervisor at a Christian Conference Center that included housing, my prayer was answered and back to Oregon I went.

Surely I could join a Tribe in Cannon Beach at the conference center.  Actually, I do feel I have beautiful contacts from the conference center that I will have for least I would hope so.  So, in one way, I have a tribe of like minded servants of the Lord, but still not  a part of a local community which is what I am looking for. I loved my staff and guests but due to far too many hours I turned in my resignation and I moved on.  In moving on not only did not have a job but also I would not have a place to live being my housing was included with the job.  No house, no job and I am looking for a Tribe again in the Fall, off season.  What to do?

The horse before the cart, or the cart before the horse?  I set out to find something: job or house or both, prayerfully.  Fortunately, I found the house and then the job.  The property manager asked me when I was filling out the application to go see the house, "Where will you be working" knowing I was leaving my current position.  I replied, "A hotel."  "Which one?"   "I don't know".  My thought was, well that won't happen but they let me take a look at the house anyways and I feel in love with it.  I emailed the owner of the home and how I wanted to make his house my home.  In less than 30 minutes from that email I had a phone call from the Property Mgr that they approved my application.  I said, "WHAT?" Shocked and excited, I went right over to the office and gave them my deposit.  The email I got from the owner after I was approved was the sweetest ever.  All I could say to myself was, "Thank you Lord!"  That was the cart before the horse and in the next week or so I got hired at the only resort in my new neighborhood just blocks from my home.  Really, that was the cart before the horse.

As I made my plans to move north from Cannon Beach, Or to Ocean Park, Wa. my daughter decided that was where she too wanted to settle down with her two boys and the new baby.  My tribe is starting with the 5 of us but I do expect it to grow as I pursue to find a local church we can get plugged into.   With part of my family living near me, my Tribe has begun and I am excited to live in the peaceful beach community on the Long Beach Peninsula just north of the Columbia River and Astoria.

Just a side note...I have not had one sleepless night sense I moved here... NOT 1!  I must be home.

Now, Looking for my Local Tribe, ie. Community..

Part 2...a Different kind of Tribe.