I am thankful for supplements that keep me going even when the Doctors do not!

Oh my Goodness....Can I rant here for a minute...
40 years ago I had Thyroid Cancer and have been 
on Armour thyroid for 38 of the 40 years.  
For 2 crazy years I was on Sythroid.. before I knew what I know now.

****This was a rant I had and continue to have.  It is always surprising to me how the medical industry dismisses my own knowledge and what is good for me.  But, I am stubborn and continue to march to my own band.

Being pro-active in your own life and health is very important.  For me it is everything!

Any questions?  I have 20 years experience of helping others understand how to make healthy wise choices.

You choose....  I choose GREAT HEALTH!