How to choose?

How to choose is the story of my life...  
Do I choose travel?
Do I choose settling down and planting roots?
Do I choose a conventional career?
Do I choose a creative path?

I am happy to say, in my life so far, I have chosen all that is listed and then some.  I love to travel as I am always trying to find away to get paid to travel but I also like living among my stuff..  I like having a home and nesting and yet, I am always up for an adventure.  The same hold true as far as a career.  I have taken the conventional route which is not my favorite but it has the potential of consistent earning and benefits.  I have taken the creative path which happens to be my favorite path.  I love the creative side of things and as I type this blog, I am currently working on how to earn a passive income off of being creative..

Ok, so I have this idea...and I need your help.  I love love love small motels that are family owned and being restored back to what they once were: simple, convenient, personal.  In my travels over the past several years I have had the opportunity to stay in several of these little home away from home.  One that I particularly fond of is right here on the Peninsula in Ilwaco, Wa.  I needed a night stay near my job and found one near the harbor that was priced well.  To my surprise it had been restored and was run by a young family.   I couldn't help but tell the gal that checked me in, "Wow! do you own this Motel?  You have done a wonderful job restoring it!"  She gave me a big toothless smile and said proudly, "my husband will be thrilled to hear that!"
This is a very small town with a couple other small motels but this one is my favorite for the cleanliness and the price...right now it is $59 a night(off season)

I stayed at another little spot in Eureka, Ca... and so many more places.  I am so empresses by them I want to start to bring attention to them... Here is the one in Ilwaco, WA.  

How can you Help?  You can follow my blog and pass it on.  Also, refer me to a place you are impressed with... I would love to bring attention to these mom and pop motels.  Send me the website, pics, experience, etc.  I will start to creat a review and hopefully bring attention to these cool Motels.