Here I go...Launching a side business...


Do you need better photos than you have? I would like to build a relationship with local real estate offices as well as property management companies. 

I am relatively new to the area and have noticed while shopping for a rental, how un-impressive the photos are of the available properties.

Please contact me and lets see how we might build a relationship


This is the ad I placed in Craig's List.  I am attempting to get my feet wet in the world of photography and thought I would start with Real Estate Photography.  

I have thought about this for a few years now but did not have the right equipment, now I do.  I love taking photos, I love interiors and exteriors and have done some interior product photography back in the 90's, with film.   In 2007,  I  Published a magazine, The Builders Journal.   I wrote articles for the magazine and staged the photographer around the stories.  I love telling a story, my hope is that I can tell a story with my photography.  

...Entrepreneurship:     is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is more often than not, initially a small business, offering a product, ...

Yes, in the mind of an Entrepreneur, there is always a creative venture in the works and this just happens to be one of what my brain is working on right now.  I keep telling myself, "One at a time at a time".

If you have any encouragement or advise, please feel free to pass it on here in comments.