A Great Adventure

For the past few years I have been on a great adventure...  In saying that, it is not the norm and many people wonder... "What are you doing?"  My answer is, "I am on an Adventure!"  

I am a single gal, grown kids and love to travel and see new places.  In the past year I have put more than 20K miles on my 98 car and have not broken down once!!!  Than in it self is a celebration!!! 

Many of my friends and family will say, "I hope you have found your place and you can settle down."  Thank you all for caring but, I am on a Great Adventure.  I have had several jobs in several locations in this past 2 years.  I have spent two partial winters working in Park City UT.  One at a ski shop, the other at an Art Gallery.  I worked this Ariz State Fair..now that was an experience and I can honestly say, "NEVER AGAIN!"  I landed in Newport, OR last year at the end of February and worked for 3 months at a very beautiful resort located on the bay.  Newport is gorgeous but I did not want to settle in there, so I took a road trip south to Florence, Or.  Sweet town but not into Dune buggies so my next road trip was north to Seaside and Cannon Beach, Or.  I must say, the moment I landed in Seaside, I felt like I was home.  I then drove through Cannon Beach and fell in love with its beautiful little and quaint town with beaches for miles including Haystack Rock.  I got a job in Seaside selling timeshares and worked on getting my Real Est Lisc.  Got through the class now I need to pass the state texts.  (I was not real interested in selling TimeShare, but it got be through the RE course.

The people in Oregon have been such lovely people.  I made a handful of friends in a few places I worked and they have continued to check in with me.  Currently, I am working at a Non-denominational Christian Conf Center nestled in the middle of the North end of Cannon Beach.  Yes, I live and work there and I am one block from the Ocean.  It is a very lovely little beach community.

Many of my friends and family hope that I have found a place to settle into...  The answer to that is, I don't know if I have.  I love it here, I intend to settle into Cannon Beach and the Conf Center, but will I stay put?  I just don't know.  I have a spirit of Adventure and I know this is who I am.  I love exploring new places and seeing new and beautiful landscape.  So to my dear friends and family, my goal is to to live where it is beautiful, I can have fun, smile a lot, have peace, raise my hands to heaven and thank the Lord for such beauty.  

Not sure if this is it... Not for me to say.  But as far as an adventure..I am in!  I love it here in Cannon Beach!

Yes, I do have a spirit of adventure..  I love meeting new people, seeing new places.  You might just find me here for the next 30 years.

Adventure: Noun

an exciting or very unusual experience.
participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises:
the spirit of adventure.
a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome.