You cannot judge a book by its cover!

She is clothed with Strength and Dignity....

I have discovered that I am often misunderstood.  I am creative, independent and fearless  I come by it quit honestly: all the women in my family that went before me are also independent and fearless...  I am proud to be of a linage of such wonderful and dynamic women, and not one of them is or was a Womens' Libber..  I am often misunderstood because of all of the above as well as my artsy style.  I have actually had men and women shocked that I am not a Liberal. As an independent and fearless woman,  I love having the door opened for me, I love a nice compliment and  I do not intend to pay for my meal when out with a gentleman.  I love being a woman!

I have a very difficult time with the Woman's Lib movement.  I feel that there is a disrespect of men and women who oppose those views.  I am a child of the Lib movement, and back in the 70's I just could not get on the bash men platform.  I love men and I love women who are independent and creative.

As a WOMAN of FAITH, I aspire to be this Proverb...As a WOMAN of FAITH, I am called to walk in this character...I pray that this is what people see in me.  

My hearts desire is to be the woman that the Lord has called me to.  One that laughs without fear of the future, one that speaks with wisdom and kindness.

I am an independent fearless woman, but I am not a Woman's Libber...  Never have been and never will be.  I am a WOMAN of FAITH!

For all my friends who are Feminist, I love you, respect you and support you in your calling.  That is what makes our world so interesting...We are allowed to be who we are but do me a favor, let a man open the door for is the polite thing to do.