I love it when I do not hear the "F" word even once.

If you know me at all, you know I cannot stand hearing the "F" word!

Today I thought I would try something new in the area and had breakfast at a little cafe called, The Hub in Heber City.  As I was parking I noticed a lot full of pickup trucks: construction workers.  The sign said, "Seat yourself" so I took the last table along the window.  I then realized I am sitting on the edge of a 1/2 dozen construction workers and my first thought was... "OH no!!! Language..."  
To my surprise and pleasure, these men discussed how much they like spending time with their kids, their wives and doing a good job in their field.  
I just want to give honor to the men who have chosen to not use the "F" in their everyday conversation.  

Last summer I met a rather distinguished man on the boardwalk and as he asked me out to listen to some music, I asked him if he could curtail his bad language.  His answer was, "Of course! For you I would."  Not long into the evening of listen to music, I asked him, "are you college educated?"  He looked at me strangely and said, "Yes, Why?"  I responded, "You don't sound college educated."

You see, I choose not to be around that kind of conversation.  It assaults my brain and heart.  I love living and working where I do not have to hear that language.  

For many of us, it is insulting to be spoken to with bad language.  Thank you for keeping it clean!