My second Season in the Snow.

How does that happen?  A Calif girl who loves the coast working and living in Utah near Park City.

Well, just one year ago today, I packed up and left Southern California.  I thought that would never happen but I got very tired of the expense, the population and the traffic.  I realized I hung out at all the un-populated areas and paying that Sunshine tax in San Diego.

I explored, did my do diligence and I set out for Oregon with a stop over in Utah from mid Dec to lat Feb.  I had decided on where I was going to land and work in Oregon and so I set out for the mid coast of Oregon: Newport.  I instantly got a job, a place to live and I began to explore.  The Oregon Coast is so beautiful and Newport is part of that beauty.  I stayed in Newport for 3 months and then I set out for another location, Seaside Oregon on the northern coast.  When I arrived in Seaside/Cannon Beach i felt like I was at home.  The only thing is was missing was the Marina but I can take a 20 min drive to Astoria and get my boat fix.

Seaside and Cannon Beach really does feel like home and although I am back in Park City for 5 months, I will be heading back to Oregon in hopes of setting up house.  I moved my "stuff" from Calif to Utah and now in May I will move my "stuff" to Oregon.
These are beautiful images of the Oregon Coast

So, I will spend the next 5 months living in Heber Valley(love it) and working in Park City(love it) but I look forward to spring so I can return to the coast and set in some roots.  I am looking forward to it.

Yes, in the snow again, and it is beautiful.

 Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!