Just another day at the fair.

Yes....  I am holding post at yet another fair... Need I say, my last fair?

When i accepted my assigment to sell The Perfect Wine Opener, i thought what fun!  Imhad this month open and thought, why no?   Well, itcould be fun in the right venue with the right people, however, not the case here.

Having never worked the Arizona State Fair I did not know what to expect.  This has been a big dissapointment...  Im selling a great product, or maybe I should say... I am demoing a great product-certainly not selling...

I have observed a very large numbers of rude fair goers with a few very nice ones...  This is when you put your happy face on and smile just because.  In the meantime, ive met some very nice vendors around me and have gotten a lot done i needed to do in the area.

It is just another day at the fair, the last time I work a fair...   My fair days are over on Oct 30.