The Beautiful Oregon Coast.

How did I end up here?

About a year ago, I started to try to figure our how I can live at the beach and still afford to live without working just to pay the rent.  Upon my daughters suggestion to move the central coast of Oregon, I did some research and found that it might just be the spot for me.  Beautiful and a lot less expensive than Carlsbad or Oceanside.  I looked at my coastal hangouts and realized that I hang out in all the less populated areas.  Oregon is less populated but comes with so much beauty.    So I set out to relocate at the Central Oregon Coast, Newport to be exact.

I put all thinks in storage, packed my car and left Calif in mid Dec.  Hit a blizzard in Arizona on my way to Flagstaff, then clear weather the rest of the way to Salt Lake City.  I landed at my moms for about 3 months., worked in Park City at a ski shop which I enjoyed...  They told me I will always have a place there even if it is just during the holidays or if Oregon did not work out.
I took off from Utah the last week of Feb stopped off to my my kiddo, Crystal and boys in Idaho and then onto an area unknown.
I landed in Oregon on the last Wens of Feb, interviewed on Thurs and started working the next day.   It has been pretty smooth sailing with a few bumps but all in all, smooth.  I still need to get my STUFF here from Oceanside, but until I have the $$$ to get it here, I am still paying partial rent in Oceanside.

I am grateful to all my dear friends who have lifted me up in prayer.  I know that has been a big reason why things have been so smooth...  Thank you all who have covered me in prayer...  So very important.

A couple of Oregon thoughts... No stops are required when making a right turn, so it is not a California Stop,it is an Oregon stop...

Also, many people say Californians do not know how to drive in the rain, my thought on that?  In Oregon, the road is often wet, no need to worry about slippery roads, but in Calif.  the roads are often slippery due to the lack of rain, so all those drives in Calif who get in accidents in the rain are from Oregon...LOL.  They do not know how to drive in the Calif rain,

I love it here.  More to come in the weeks to come from
My Walking Observation...  It is good to be back.