You are NEVER too old!

I am a creative person, and in saying that, that means I do not do well with conventional jobs.  I have had a broad scope of opportunity,ie, website design, landscape design, clothing design, home improvement sales, advertising sales, art sales, inn keeper, restaurant manager, bartender and so much more.  I learned how to rock climb at the age of 40 as well as learning how to play the guitar at the same time, I learned Photo shop over a week end watching Youtube videos at the age of 60, I host wellness seminars, demo top quality coffee, work in a ski rental shop, Inn and spa keeper, and so much more.  Yes, you are never too old.

I was just told last week that it is possible I will not find a job in a ski resort due to my age, 62.  I said..."not a chance, my age does not matter" and it does not.  I was offered a job over the phone and offered a job within 10 minutes of an interview, yes, at the age of 62. YOU are NEVER too OLD!

My encouragement to you is that your are never too old.  Do not let your age stop you from learning something new, experience new things, or even re-inventing yourself.  YOU are NEVER too OLD!

YOU are NEVER too OLD!