Let it Snow!

Just recently decided to finally leave California with the ultimate goal of landing along the Oregon Coast.. but, with a stop over in Utah for the ski season.  And, as I left for Utah with a stop over in Flagstaff, I hit a bunch of snow and when I got to Utah, I got to build a snowman with my Grandson, Nathaniel.  Nathaniel loves the ocean/water and the snow.  I loves being outside and experiencing new adventures.  He is a delight.

I must say, this is the most snow this region has gotten in many years and I will get to experience it first hand...as I got a job in a ski shop in Park City.  Park City, in itself, is a beautiful place to hang out. It is a historic destination for beautiful skiing.. And I am excited to say my job comes with a lift ticket.  Yea!!!!

Yesterday Nathaniel when for his first time skiing and did real well.  I have not skied in nearly 30 years but I am going to assume it is like riding a bike.  I am excited to ski but not until I get some ski clothes at a great discount...Thankfully.

I have sent out a who bunch of resume's and have had a large number of responses.  I was hired on the phone with two positions that did not work out once I got here but I was referred to another store and was hired on the spot.  I also interviewed at a dress shop and she also offered me a position on the spot.  Right now, I will work the ski shop, work on the side with my website business: www.cwodesign.com while preparing to move to Oregon.

Why Oregon you might ask?  I love the ocean, want to live at the ocean but want to live at an ocean I can afford.  The Oregon Coast I can afford, Carlsbad I cannot.  It took a lot to finally come to that conclusion but I finally did.  I am moving out of California but not away from the coast.  I am looking forward to starting over in Oregon...A re-invention at the age of 60 something.  Yes! It is never too late to start over.

So my walking observation today is that it is never to late or too soon to start over.  I am starting over, again!  But, Lord Willing, all is well.