Practice Politeness, Offer Kindness, Change the World.

Tonight I was at the gas station trying to open my fuel door...  It was stuck so I had the manual to try to figure out how to find the bypass.... As the manual states, behind to right panel in the trunk... Yikes!!! As I was trying to figure it out, a kind man stopped to help...  He did what it called for and I was able to fuel up.  

That was a huge change from yesterday with people in the Trader Joe's parking lot while I was being assisted by AAA.   In Trader Joe's parking lot I had horns honking, glares, etc. all from the beautiful shoppers.  In a bright contrast, the gentleman that assisted me tonight drove a run down car, teeth missing but very helpful and polite.  

As we walk through our day, being polite is a lost art.  My encouragement is, be creative, be randomly  polite.    I have recently witnessed a large amount of politeness on the public bus..both from the drivers and the riders.  A very nice experience. 

We live in a fast pace world.  Take a moment, take a look around and send out a beautiful smile.  Open a door, say hello, randomly buy someone a cup of coffee.  Change the world around you.

Practice politeness. Offer kindness.  Change the world!