How much more beautiful can it be?

Follow me to Oceanside Pier...

I love riding my Beach Clunker along the strand.  At the pier you can rent these 4 wheel transportation...a Beach Cruiser Bike, or just take a beautiful stroll along the coast.  Might I suggest... Do not wear a headset, turn off your electronics and enjoy the sights and sounds.  This is a peaceful place to take a little time to breath.

Then venture over to the Harbor...   Stop for a cup of coffee, a lite breakfast or a delicious lunch... Anywhere in the harbor is peaceful and a great place to take a break.
Day or night, the harbor is safe and quite...  It is my favorite place to hang out, take a breath, talk to cool people or just sit and be alone...  I love it.
And then there is this... 
Warning .... Contact with this water may cause illness Bacteria Levels exceed Health Standards
This is typical when we have big rains..and the run off...  and yet, there are still the dedicated surfers that go in the water no matter what...   If you must then you should know about AG Immune...

Still, here we are living in one of the most beautiful places in Calif.  As I said, ONE of the most beautiful,  I acknowledge that there are many beautiful places in the world..  I just happen to love this place.. I just makes me feel Blessed.

And then there are the sunsets.  Beautiful, tranquil, peaceful... 

I love the California Coastline.  
This is my walking observation.


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