Getting use to a new view

I just recently moved from Coastal Carlsbad(the Village) to Coastal Oceanside(south end).  I regularly walked down the side street to the beach, only about 5 blocks..  North Carlsbad beach is deep and sandy, un-populated and just beautiful.   Now, I walk about 7 blocks to a beach that is a bit more populated, not the same peaceful walk, but it is the beach.  The waves roll in and out, the seagulls fly and the surfers surf.  The Pacific ocean is the Pacific ocean and I love being there.

I have always enjoyed riding my bike to the Harbor and now it is my regular day off ride.  To ride out to the far end of the the Oceanside Harbor, sit, listen and feel the warmth of the sunshine.  It is such a great place for peace and quite.

My little cottage... I just love it.   It is quaint, quirky, private, quiet, and walking distance to the beach.

So, here I am in my new home in Oceanside living in a bedroom community... It is a new view and I am getting use to it.