WOW! 2015... 2014 came and went in a flash

Yes, this year 2014 has come and and is now past.  
One year ago today I moved to Utah to be near my Mother, my daughter and my two grand kiddos, Willie and Nathaniel and arrived in Salt Lake this evening, Willies 10 birthday.  
Today he is 11 and growing like a weed.  Such a great kid. 

At the time, I thought moving to Utah was an excellent idea, in fact it was an excellent idea if I did not miss the ocean so dang much.  Even though I wanted to live near family, I just was not happy away from the ocean.  How could that be?  North San Diego Coastal is so pretty, peaceful and home.  Rain or shine, I love being at the coast with my bare feet in the sand...

This year was filled with uncertainty, challenges and frustrations.  I felt displaced and often forgotten..but again that was a feeling, how I felt.  I had a year of living in all sorts of creative place such as a time on a sail goat in the harbor, a guest room at a friends, and a studio in a warehouse.  I often thought, how could this be?  It was choices I made that gave me such a challenging year and the faithfulness of the Lord that got me to this place: a cozy, comfy, coastal apartment.  I just moved into my new place just a week ago and love it!  It feels like home.

So 2014 has come and gone and now we are heading into the middle of January 2015...moving right into 2015.  Full time job, website design and an invention is what is on my plate for the year...and hopefully an lot of time the breath.

Hello 2015! 
 I am looking forward to a new beginning.