I like my Job, I just don't like a J.O.B.

Yes it is true, I like my Job.  The hardest part for me, that is working for someone other than myself, is being stuck inside a building.  I am so much of a free spirit, enjoy being outside and the last few days have been torture not being able to sit on the beach, watch the waves and enjoy the sunsets.  Now, I have two days off and it is going to rain.  I do like the rain but I have not been barefoot in the sand for some time now.

I do like my job.  I work with great people, enjoy our wonderful customers and have the opportunity to learn again.   I learn something new very year, or so it seems.  I like to learning process and do enjoy learning new things, but then again, I am stuck in a building.  How do I get this job to the beach?  I guess I can honestly say, "that will not happen."    So I am thinking...maybe I should write a travel log and travel!  Or write a log of being barefoot in the sand and call it: "The Original Beach-bum".  Yup, the beach is where I love being.  I just might be a Beach Bum after all.

Do you love your job?  What would you rather do?  Speak up and let us hear from you.