Monday, Dec 29th, A NEW YEAR TO COME!

Oh my, this has been one crazy year, at least it has for me..   At the beginning of 2014, I thought it was a good idea to attempt to live near my daughter, her two boys, my mom and my brother and his family.  They live in Salt Lake City and they love it!  Me? Not so much.  I tried but lasted only 6 weeks and turned around to return to an uncertain living environment.  You see, I gave up my apartment of more than 6 years, put everything in storage and drove off in my 95 Jeep Wrangler.

I love the drive to Utah, not so much in a 95 Jeep Wrangler...bumpy, loud...gas hog.  I arrived safe and sound on Willies birthday...  Yeah!  Celebrated and had a fantastic time.

As a website designer, I did take my work with me but in the meantime, attempted to land a job as well... Really trying to fit in as a local.  Now, when I go out to get a job, I typically get one...not so in Utah.  I think I must have had, "I don't like Utah" written in code across my for-head..  Needless to say, I decided that I was not going to stay in Utah.  I listed my bumpy, loud jeep on Craig s list and sold it for what I was asking...  YEAH!  That was a good time because during my brief stay in Utah, I had a Cracked tooth that needed a Cap...  $1000.  A few days after the tooth repair, I got on a jet plane and heading back to my hometown, Carlsbad CA.

Upon returning, I had been working on a project/invention with a partner and believed it would be funded the week I got back giving me the finances I needed to rent another apt.  Needless to say, that never happened...still working on the invention, still looking for funding, but still nothing... Maybe Tuesday?  LOL

I have friends that say, If you are going to struggle, why not struggle here...(in North County San Diego) and a struggle it has been.  But, as I share what gives me peace, I guess we could say, Lemons or Lemonade?  I keep making Lemonade and always enjoy the view.

I enjoy sharing pictures,  something that gives me much peace in the midst of challenges...

Where does my peace come from?
1. Our beautiful coast... I get so much peace just sitting and listening to the ocean.
2. Taking pictures of this beautiful area...well, taking pictures anywhere... I see art and beauty all around me.
3. The peace knowing that my Lord is in control and he wants only what is best for me.  Do I understand this past year? NO!  But there will be a day that I do...or maybe not.
I know for me to walk by Faith and Not by Sight is the only thing I can do right now.

 I love where I live, I love those that I call friend and call me friend, I love walking barefoot in the sand...

For all of you who have walked through life with challenges, are not alone.  There are always challenges but if you can find a place where you can find your peace, that is a very good thing.

Have a beautiful New year...  Cheers!  and God Bless!