Job security or independence?

This is such a perplexing question...   There are individuals who could not imagine stepping away from a time clock and consistant pay check...  I totally respect these people...  Hats off to you!  And there are those who feel a little caged by clocking in...  For me, working in a cubical a few years ago for the first time was horrible!  It lasted a total of 2 weeks before going into outside sales.  The cubical was terrible....for me.

In this rocky economy you would think that working for a Nationally recoginized company would come with job does not!  And did not for me.  I was constantly having to fight for my income.   I also worked for small family owned companies that were both terrible and wonderful...  I will not mention the terrible one but will praise the wonderful.  I have worked for a family owned and opperated company...fare, honest and a great product...a breath of fresh air.

For the past 5 years I have worked under contract for My Green Home...the family owned honorable company.  I had my faith renewed in an employer.  I also was self employeed for the past several years as a web designer... I love the design work...but do not like being straped to the computer...  After giving it a lot of thought, I decided it was time to get back into working consistently in retail...  I needed to be out among the public. I set intension and started to seriously look for a position in sales where I could make a good income with a good company...  I found it!  I accept a position with Greathouse furniture in La Costa: a really good company, never worry about getting paid, but...  Yikes! Im inside 5 days a week...  The good news....not sitting at a desk idle.  I love retail for  the movement, the contact with people and the consistant pay check.  I do not like being stuck inside a building and yet it is a great opportunity.

Job security or independence?   Both?  Yes, I would like both..and I do have a plan....  I will post that plan at another time.

What are you looking for today?