Really? You are REALLY going to eat that?

For the past few days I have had the opportunity to observe many people and their shopping carts at one of the big box grocers.  It is actually shocking!

First....     The numbers of cases of bottled water is remarkable... and my thought, where do they go?   The Answer?  Landfills and beyond...  NOT a GREAT Idea!  

                          And then there is the other items.... REALLY?  You are going to eat that?

It is just remarkable...  

I look in the cart, look at the driver and it makes sense..  

Beyond the food purchases, it is interesting that men shop much of the same things women do...Place mats, Plastic containers, Halloween costumes, and so get the idea.  

Watching these shopping habits is an interesting observation...  I personally don't shop the box stores anymore, I like to keep my dollars in a mom and pop store if I can...but there was a day that I did... On that day or in that era I had a boat load of kids and needed a small bedroom full of toilet paper.  Now...where would I put it?

So my friends... Make your list, keep it healthy and shop a lifestyle not a craving.. Keep the cravings at bay and you will be okay... go crazy with healthy not impulse items.