Did YOU know I can hear you?

Okay, this is the most interesting new observation..  With hands free phones, calls coming through you radio in your car, Did you know I can hear you and your caller...even with your windows up.

I lieu of of safety, a great invention...but really!  I am not interested in your conversation.  I was shocked to hear the entire conversation sitting at a signal even with the windows up.  Think how much everybody can tune in with the windows down.

And yes...the alternative is not what anyone wants us to see.  It use to be driving distractions were drinking coffee, putting on lipstick, eating..  Those are the days of the past... Now it is texting and talking on the phone while driving....

Here is the thing...I don't ease drop, don't like ease dropping but due to new technology, I UNFORTUNATELY CAN HEAR EVERYTHING and so can everyone can as well.

Oh Wait!!!  One more thing... When you are in public, not in your car and your phone rings, I want you to know I am not interested in your conversation...take it outside or tone down your voice