Do you have Peace and can you Breath? If yes, GREAT! If no, ????

As I sit in my canyon hideaway, I reflect on the many places I have lived prior to this peaceful dwelling..  I am in love with the Village of Carlsbad and have often said, "the only other place I have lived that I like as much as Carlsbad was when I lived in Joshua Tree."  Why Joshua Tree? I must say, the peace and quiet.  

North Carlsbad Beach...Peaceful

Oceanside Harbor at Sunset...

In Carlsbad, I find myself walking to the beach but where I plant my self to reflect and watch the waves or sunset, is a part of the beach that is least populated. My quiet coastal areas are North Carlsbad and the Oceanside Harbor at the north end.  

And now as I sit on my little corner of 4 acres in the canyon and it does brings back peace and quiet of Joshua Tree to me..  To be on land, to listen to nature and to only hear the faint sounds from the neighbors is such a blessing.  Would you like it here...maybe, maybe not.  No glamour, all nature 10 miles from the coast... this is My Canyon Hideaway.  

At night it is pitch black (except when we have a full moon like last night), by day I have a nice ocean breeze blowing up the canyon... My view, a small piece of the neighbors field, trees and hills.  It did take me a week or two before every strange sound would wake me up...but now...I sleep, and I sleep well.. 

You might ask, "why I would move up to this little canyon area on the edge of North County?"  My answer?  Peaceful, Peaceful, Peaceful...and the rent... and Peaceful.  (The rent is about 1/3 of what I would spend at the coast)  I lived in the same box(my apartment) 5 blocks from the beach, costing 2x more than here and 3x's larger but no peace...I would walk to the beach on the north end for my peace but no complaints about that...I could have stayed on the sand all evening..  Here, as I am typing, I am sitting on my patio, with a few of the the trees and the hills.  Could I stay here for a long time?  Who knows, all I know is that right now, I am loving it. 
So where is your peace?  My peace had faded due to circumstances and now, I am getting my peace back..Yes, I do have to drive more to get from here to there, but I also get to breath more as well.  

Find your Peace and Breath..