Living in the Canyon and loving it! Yes, I moved to Bansall... 10 miles inland!!! YIKES!

If you know me you know I just adore being at the coast... I love the sunsets, the sandy beaches and the sounds of the ocean.  This picture I caught and have yet to catch another one like it sense...although I have tried, 

My other delightful spot is the Oceanside Harbor...or maybe any harbor.  I love the peace and quiet there, the gentle sound of the rigging moving to the ocean breezes... It is my peace.

And yet, I find myself living in Little Gopher Canyon on 4 acres, in a small place with lots of privacy, solitude and peace.  While in the Harbor or at the Beach, I always select the area that is least populated.  I use to say when I lived for 2 years on the Mississippi in Wisconsin, "It is a good thing I like me because I spend a a lot of time with me!"

 That holds true here too.  It is so peaceful, quiet, private and calming.  Today  explored the trail that runs along side my place, it was a fun loop, up...down..up...down...and up again.  It landed at the neighbors which looks like they hold events there equipped with a tree house.  I didn't explore too much being I was on someone else property even though I am sure the neighbors are friendly

After my little hike, I ventured down the street to the ridding arena.  Everything here is related to horses, and weddings... Interesting combination, but there were two that I saw last night, and a reception right now going on across the street at Quail Farms...  A beautiful venue with a training arena adjacent-you can find them online.
So I will get back to the question, Why did I move away from the ocean?

The answer is, I am only 15 minutes from the Oceanside Harbor, I get cool ocean breezes coming up the canyon, my rent is 1/2 to 1/3 of what I was paying at the beach, and I needed some PEACE.  

This last few years have been challenging and exhausting much less the last few months.  I needed a time of rest, reflection and quiet.  Yes, I could walk to the beach from my apartment in Carlsbad, but I did that because I had to place to be outside where I lived.  Here, I can sit out side, no onlooking neighbors, no noise except for nature and an occasional car, and I can breath!  I get up, make my tea and sit on my patio without interruption.   If you did not know this about me...I love peace and quiet.  Here I have that!

Is this the most glamorous dwelling, NO! But, I will be working at making it my own little retreat.  Visitors are welcomed.  

Will I be here for a long time, I just don't know.  What I do know is that I am not a 1-3 day drive from the ocean... it is just down the street and I have friends I can hang with and spend time with  if need be, after all, I am in outside sales...which takes me around San Diego.  

Watch out, you just might catch me at the beach capturing the beautiful sunsets.. I will be there!  A good meal is always an option