Do YOU eat with that Mouth?

What has happened to language in today's current culture...

I  recently dropped by and was watching a moving with a mid age man...  He choose a movie with a good message... after a few minutes, I said, "oh my, the language is terrible"  and believe me it was!  His response, "but it has a good message"  REALLY?  He did not have the good manners to change the movie, and was there a message... I just don't know.

I had a couple confrontations while working the fair this year, needless to say I had to make a stand and not allow the F bomb to be used around me or to me.  I was confronted by one person asking me what it is I don't like about him?  When I answered it was his filthy mouth, he went into a rant and a rage...  Threatening to make my life miserable...he did not...  I had another instance with a stereo and rap music with F this and F that.  I said, NO NO, turn that off...  This young 18 year old, said, "but it has a good message"  Really?  How do you have a good message in the midst of filth. (FYI, the fair does not allow bad language due to the family environment, you can be removed.)

Now, I was chatting with another neighbor at the fair, he witnessed me asking the young man to turn off the rap music....and we discussed the state of bad language.  Shockingly, he says it is part of society today...I said, really?  This is a young Christian man, very sweet, never would he drop the F bomb, but he finds no offense when others use it...  I suggested that he just might be a part of the problem...letting it go and being too passive...  Make a stand buddy!

Now, I must say, there are those who do care if they offend others..  I had a 20 something couple of guys sitting on a cafe patio chatting it up about the night before.  I am thinking, "it is Sunday morning and I am going to get assaulted by these two guys with their language."  I am happy to report, that did not happen. They did not drop one bad word, so when they got up to leave, I stopped them to let them know how nice it was to sit next to them and not have to duck at the language.  The couple on the other side of them applauded at my comment.  After a short discussion with these young men,  they said that they  did not realize it was offensive to others and that they would be more careful in public with their language... Such nice young guys.

I am  ranting, I know.... But it is my right to rant...I have the freedom to speak truth and others speak in a .....  what to call it?

Lets stand up and bring back respect.  Lets compliment good behavior and confront offensive behavior...with a side note, only if it is safe.... We do have to consider that as well these days. If we oppose others, we could get in some trouble.  Opps.