This is an over 50 Rant...sorta,,,,

Okay, guys and gals that are 50 and over...I have noticed something while sitting in a local coffee house, actually I have noticed this at every coffee house....   Men over 50, more so at over 60 who intently watch the gals walking by...but let me say....they never get out of thier seat to maybe meet that gal walking by or who might be across the room.

I have a couple ideas about this interesting behavior......these guys are LAZY!  Is this what happens when you reach this stage in your life?  Look with no action?

Don't get me wrong, this is just my walking observation...  

From years past, to today... Men at one table and women at the other.

Today's observation, 3 middle age men looking intently out the window I am sitting in from of.   I turned around to see what was so interesting...sure enough a gal in a tight pair of pants strolling by... When she gets out of eye site, they go back and again  focuses  on their Chess Game.

I guess sense I turned  s_x_y I have observed such a thing.  I shared my point of view with a local mid age man that took it upon himself to get out of his chair and be friendly. He seems to be enjoying the attention he is getting due to his admiration of the local women.

As a middle age woman, I enjoy the admiration of others.  I like a compliment, I like a smile, I like to know I still have it...  So men of  mid age  (and younger), be bold, go tell a gal you find her attractive.. Smile, Flirt, have fun!!!  It is all for fun and innocent.