Random Acts of Politeness

I have experienced several Random Acts of Politeness.  I have been sharing them on Facebook, but wanted to put a couple from there to here... I am truly enjoying these random acts.

1.    I just experienced another act of politeness. .. I was walking out of a Starbucks with my hands full... a young lady had come in to Starbucks and quickly turned around to open the door for me... yup. . who says Calif is rude... not me.

2.     Last evening I went to cross the busy street, Carlsbad Village Blvd.. I was waiting for traffic to lighten up being I was not near a signal..yes, I was J-Walking... 
There just happened to be a lot of traffic, so I stood there waiting... after a few minutes up walked a 20 something young man, gangster looking...and he came up to me and said,   "Miss, are waiting to cross the street" I said, "Yup, as soon as there is a break in the traffic" He says, " I will cross with you" (on the oncoming traffic side of me). 
We get across the street and I said, "What a nice guy, you would take on the traffic for me" He replies, "Sure! I will take the blow for you!!!!" I smiled and said, "Such a nice guy you are..." and as he hustled down the sidewalk, he looked back at me and said, "sorry about the cigarette".
I love meeting young men like that... Respectful and caring.
I just love random acts of politeness!

3.     Heading out this morning I was rushing to the sprinter train... just seconds from catching it, door was red. .. a young man that had just gotten off the train saw me rushing... he punched the red door button keeping the train on hold long enough so I could get on... again... a gangster looking guy... I am loving this. .. a young gentleman shows up when you least expect it- a random act of politeness!

I have experienced random acts of politeness often and I must say it does my heart well with all the craziness in this world you can still run into a kind and polite person that is not yet out of their 30's.  It is a very good thing.

I know my children are raising up my grandchildren to display random acts of politeness. Our world has yet become a fully rude and non caring for I have experienced that there are people that still say smile and say hi, open doors, and help others cross the street.  

What is your Random Act of Politeness? 
A smile is a great start!   

Let's all practice Politeness and Kindness.