I may be 60 but I don't buy that old thing....

I hear so many mid age folks talk about how old they are...  Really?

My request... Do not include me in your old.

I think about that word "old" and wonder..  ' what exactly does that word mean?'
I love old furniture, old cars, and old houses but I do not consider myself as old. Yes, I am 60,  but I am active, in great health and love life.

As I said, I love old furniture, old cars and old houses but if you are looking to buy an old car well preserved and taken care of, the value is high, rust...the price goes down.  The old car with rust is not as valuable as a well cared for car.  Could it be the same as humans?  Not sure but I do know that you can take care of yourself aging is not such an issue.  And like an old car being restored, we can re claim our health ... Restore our health...

So, my fellow mid-lifers...  Please do not include me in your old!

Thank you....


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