Did you see me in the Cross Walk?

This week-end I have spent at my friends house in Rancho Bernardo, my first experience in this area..  Sense she is out of town and my car is being serviced, I have done a lot of walking...but in  this area, it might not be a good idea..

I have observed that those driving here do not recognize anyone in the cross walk. I should say that one lady noticed me in the crosswalk and let me continue in the crosswalk with a smile.  Everyone else just did not see me or if they did see me, they paid no attention...

I have walked about 6 + miles in the last couple of days, and have passed no more than a handful of people also walking...  This is obviously not a walking area..

  Here is an example of the intersection, 8 lanes on the right and 10 lines on the left of which the WALK SIGN  last all of 1-2 lanes, with 6-8 to go...very dangerous as the cars are speeding by.

I am just wanting for all of those that are reading this to be aware and polite when it comes to people crossing the street...

I live along the coast and there too are drivers who do not notice, maybe they are visiting the coast.   Us walkers need to be aware, and those driving, please pay attention to those walking by.

 For the City of Rancho Bernardo, is there any reason why I dont have time to cross a street even when the sign says walk.

Walkers be ware... be observant... and Drivers... be aware... be observant..and we will all get along.