Are you one of the Original Beach Bums?

When I thought about joining forces with a partner and realizing we both love the beach, we tried to come up with a great name for our company...  After much thought and brainstorming, we decided that Beach Bum Inc is the perfect name for your company, ie, The Original Beach Bum.

If you are a beach bum, anywhere on the globe, send us your picture and what makes you a beach bum.
My Grandson Willie.  He is a Beach Bum.

No matter your age, if you just have to sit on the beach and reflect, then you just might be a Beach Bum.

If you just have to get out and watch the sunset, you just might be a Beach Bum.

If you have a story, please go to our Facebook page , send you picture and or why you just might be a Beach Bum. (click here>)  Go to our Facebook page and tell us your story about being one of The Original Beach Bums

Join our Beach Bum movement...  All who love the beach, YOU just might be a Beach Bum.