I went, I explored, I spent time with Family, I came back to Carlsbad.

This has been a most interesting start to 2014...Most of my family has settle in Utah, Cottonwood Heights area, with the tough economy, and a desire to be near family, I thought...."Why not go be near family?"  So, I packed up my 95 Jeep Wrangler (the covered wagon) and hit the road.  I landed...settled into my mothers basement apartment,. pursued a job and continued working with my current clients while I was trying to decide.

I am sorry to say, it only took me a couple days to question my decision.  I loved being near family, I loved being able to help my mom with little projects around her house, I loved spending time with my grand-kids, Willie and Nate, but I so missed the Coast.

 To walk out the door, go down to the ocean, sit on the beach, watch the seagulls, pelicans and surfers, and just breath...is my favorite place.  Not to minimize those who live in Utah and love it... we all have a land, and sandy beaches is my land.

A few years back I moved to Wisconsin to be near my kids and grand-kids.  I moved there with the intention of being in Wisconsin forever...but again, the ocean called.  I had a beautiful view to the upper Mississippi River, lived in a wonderful 1880 apartment, and had 6 grand-kids there, but...I would wake up in the morning hearing the ocean and I would daydream of walking on the sandy beach of California,  I must  have too much of California in me to be in the Mid-West.

So, 6 years after returning to Carlsbad from my 2 year stay in Wisconsin, I attempted again to move to an inland state... I went, I saw and came home...Utah is a good place to visit but it is not the place I want to live.

Last night, I put on my hoodie, left my shoes at home, walked  3 blocks to the beach, and sat... Just sat with my feet buried in the sand... I just sat and enjoyed.

I am sooo glad to be home!