Oh how I miss the ocean!

It is hard to believe that I have not blogged for about a month....a lot has been going on as I write this from the basement apartment at my moms in Salt Lake City, actually Cottonwood Heights, Utah.

My brother moved to SLC some 30 or so years ago...he moved here to ski, and ski he does and my mother retired here about 15+ years ago.  Having grown up in Southern Calif., I would visit but never did I want to live here, it seemed that maybe I should try it out sense my 83 year old mother and my Daughter and her two boys and my brother and  his family are here in Cottonwood Heights.

I love being near family especially my 3 and 10 year old grandsons,  but I think I must be a California Girl to the bone... I love the Sandy Beaches and the Ocean Breezes of Southern California, particularly Carlsbad and I felt homesick almost instantly.

I love to watch the snow fall...but there has been no snow here sense before I arrived...supposedly it will snow soon.. The mountains look brown and what snow that is here is melting..or melted.  Very strange to have no snow in January in Utah.  As I sit here writing this,   the fireplace going, watching the surfing movie: 'Chasing Maverick' and missing home.

My daughter can see it on my face, she said tonight... "Mom, you don't look happy, you need to go home."   I thought how sweet, kind and supportive of her.  I love being with Willie and Nathaniel, but I have to be where I love to be: the sandy beach of Carlsbad.

The strangest thing for me here is that you have to drive EVERYWHERE!  If you know me you know I love to walk. .  I love walking with a view.

I do  think about the craziness of California... but to live in such a nice little community where everything is within walking distance, and the ocean is right there.."I will be coming home."

 My close friends in California predicted that I would last for about 2 weeks, I must say, they are right!  I walk to the beach everyday, sit in the sand, watch the waves and listen to the sounds...That is just who I am.

I am also glad I came, and I am  glad to say I will be back in Calif sometime in February.  I originally thought I would be here till May or June, or if it was a good fit...a couple years.  But, after living in Wisc near my oldest daughter and her kids for 2 years, I could not wait to get back to California.  Here I go again.

My observation is...  If you feel like exploring new lands, go and explore, but be honest with yourself..  Live where you are inspired, where you  feel at peace and where your life fills your soul.

Lord, Fill me to overflowing!  AMEN.